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28 Nov 2023

UK Battles Growing Problem of Overfed, Obese Pet Snakes

Exotic pets are surging in Britain, with [200K more reptiles](,Surge%20in%20UK%20runaway%20snakes%20as%20number%20kept,increases%20by%20200k%20in%202023&text=There%20has%20been%20a%20%22surge,in%20West%20Bromwich%20on%20Tuesday.) kept as pets in 2023. currently faces a surge in obese pet snakes due to owners overfeeding them frequently without realizing that some snakes only eat once a year in the wild. This overnutrition leads to significant weight gain, which shortens the snake's life. The lack of proper resources for advice leaves owners misguided, increasing the trend of obesity in pet snakes. [Source](