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One Day, One Opportunity

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27 Jan 2024

The Growing Power of Online Communities

Taylor Swift's fanbase, known as Swifties, rallied against [nonconsensual deepfake content](https://techcrunch.com/2024/01/25/taylor-swift-ai-deepfake-fan-response/) of the artist, which had one post reaching over 45 million views before being taken down. The fans' online movement has sought to make these deepfakes harder to find by overwhelming search queries with protective messages. The phrase 'PROTECT TAYLOR SWIFT' became a trending tag on the platform with more than 36,000 posts, demonstrating the fanbase's significant online influence and [their potential political power](https://www.barrons.com/news/swifties-to-the-polls-why-eyes-are-on-taylor-ahead-of-2024-7dec96a7) ahead of the 2024 U.S. presidential election.