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One Day, One Opportunity

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10 Nov 2023

Europe's Space Industry Searches For a Way Out of Its Crisis

Nine years following the decision to design Ariane-6 to challenge Elon Musk's SpaceX, Europe's space industry crisis continues. With Ariane-5's last launch in July, and delays afflicting Ariane-6's completion and Vega's succeeding model Vega-C, Europe finds its access to space barred until 2024. [Source](https://www.lemonde.fr/en/economy/article/2023/11/06/europe-s-space-industry-searches-for-a-way-out-of-its-crisis_6231650_19.html?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1699283608)