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30 Dec 2023

eBay Launches Luxe Line Mobile Consignment Bus

eBay is expanding its authentication and consignment services for luxury items with a new [mobile concierge experience called The Luxe Line](https://www.fashiondive.com/news/ebay-luxury-consignment-service-curated-jenna-lyons-collection/702518/). This service, embodied by a bus, allows people in specific locations to have their luxury handbags from certain high-end brands appraised, photographed, and consigned. The bus will visit Los Angeles and Las Vegas, featuring a curated collection of luxury handbags, watches, and jewelry, featuring goods from [Jenna Lyons](https://www.instagram.com/jennalyonsnyc/) and top sellers Linda's Stuff and [MyGemma](https://mygemma.com/). eBay's move aims to facilitate the selling of pre-owned luxury items and attract luxury consumers.

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