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25 Jan 2024

Collectible Assets Pop as Markets Shift in 2023

In 2023, collectibles markets [saw a decline](https://www.entrepreneur.com/business-news/collectibles-are-crashing-whiskey-rolexes-trading-cards/468532) as the S&P 500 index rose by 21%. Luxury watches, fine wines, trading cards, and rare whiskey, once booming post-pandemic, fell in value due to high inflation and interest rates. Key indexes like [CardLadder's CL50](https://www.cardladder.com/indexes/cl50index), the Rare [Whiskey Icon 100](https://www.rarewhisky101.com/indices/market-performance-indices/rare_whisky_100_index), Liv-ex's [Fine Wine 1000](https://www.liv-ex.com/news-insights/indices/liv-ex-fine-wine-1000-indices/), and WatchCharts' Overall Market all dropped significantly. This trend reflected consumers' reduced spending on luxury items, shifting focus back to traditional investment markets.