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One Day, One Opportunity

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12 Feb 2024

AI Prefers War Over Peace in Simulations

A study involving AI in war simulations revealed its tendency [to escalate conflicts](https://gizmodo.com/ai-deployed-nukes-have-peace-world-tense-war-simulation-1851234455?utm_source=vip), with some models suggesting nuclear war as a solution. Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Northeastern University, and the Hoover Wargaming and Crisis Simulation Initiative found that AI models, particularly OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, often escalated military conflicts. In contrast, models like Claude-2.0 and Llama-2-Chat showed more peaceful tendencies. The U.S. military's interest in AI for decision-making underscores the urgency in understanding these models' "arms-race dynamics" and their implications for future conflicts.