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27 Nov 2023


What OnlyFans Models Pay To 'Chatters' to Meet Interaction Demands

Juan Hernandez, a 22-year-old Information Technology graduate in the Philippines, is among 'chatters', professionals impersonating stars on OnlyFans, a platform for adult content. The booming demand for interactions with models has led to commissioning chatters who sell extra content, earning an hourly rate with addition of up to 15% commission per content unit sold. Chatters capitalize on the inability of popular models to engage with hundreds of thousands of followers. [Source](https://english.elpais.com/international/2023-11-23/500-a-day-to-pretend-to-be-a-model-the-big-business-behind-onlyfans-chatters.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=echobox&utm_source=Twitter&ssm=TW_CM_EN#Echobox=1700777351)